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            Gardening Tools, Pruning Shears, Agriculture Tools Manufacturer & Exporter in China.
            Direct Import from the Production Line!

            Our company is a garden & lawn products supplier that provides customers with hundreds of varieties of gardening tools, garden decorations, cultivation equipment and other outfits all necessary for successful job in the garden.

            For the past 20 years, we have been one of the biggest garden & lawn products export companies in China, Gardepot ship a large amount of containers every month worldwide. Our dedicated staff will provide you with professional service all the way from the manufacture up to the delivery to the port of entry.

            If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.

            Customer Comments

            As we intend to be competitive in our customer`s markets and satisfy their demands, the products we manufacture go through strict Quality Control Procedure, as we understand that quality is what ultimately matters.

            Before the goods are dispatched, the Gardepot QC team will carry on a systematic inspection from the raw materials up to the logo making and packaging. Our inspection procedure normally includes the following sections:

            ? IQC and IPQC: inspect the income material and outsourcing parts; conduct in-line automated and manual inspections.

            ? Perform in-process audits to ensure processes are up to standard, and to identify factors that need improvement.

            ? FQC and OQC: perform visual and functional inspection of the finished products; examine the main points such as dimension, surface treatment, strength, logo and color consistency etc.

            Innovations are very welcome!

            Have you got brilliant ideas about the improvement of the existing garden products, Gardepot are always glad to work with you and to convert your ideas into actual products.

            Gardepot offers Customization and OEM/ODM Service for garden related products to the partners worldwide. We have a team of design, engineering and marketing specialists to help you in products development. Customers are always welcome to share their ideas or drawings with us. It will be appreciated if you could also provide the detailed information of potential products.

            Tel: +86 311 66632096    Fax: +86 311 66632085

            Email: info@gardepot.com   Website: www.fangye8.com

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