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            Gardening Tools, Pruning Shears, Agriculture Tools Manufacturer & Exporter in China.

            Classification Of Forks

            The fork can be used for farm and garden care tasks and is a vital gardening tool. Agriculture Tools Factory shares with you.

            1.Stainless steel fork
            It is mainly used for digging or loosening soil, and can also be used for auxiliary work, such as inserting organic fertilizer into the soil, or separating clustered plants. The fork has rounded tines and can also be used to move large amounts of material, such as compost, coverings, hay, etc., and can be used almost anywhere in the garden.
            2.Stainless steel hand fork
            The hand fork is small and light, and easy to control. The hand fork can break the soil compaction, dredge the air, increase the ground temperature, and keep the water intact to make the plant develop well. It can also be used for transplanting, raising soil, loosening soil, weeding, mixing fertilizer, etc. If planting in a flower pot or flower pot, a hand fork can replace large tools such as hoe, rake, shovel, etc., and can remove the plant from the soil without damaging the roots of the plant. It is versatile and a tool that must be purchased.
            3.Stainless steel three claws
            The three claws have curved iron teeth, which can be used to clean the ground, clean up the weeds on the ground, and eliminate some seedlings that are propagated by self-seeding. It is also suitable for turning soil, loosening soil, and breaking hard pieces of soil.
            Our company also provides Garden Hand Tools, welcome to contact us.

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